Open Processing Examples:

Look Around You (Suggested Searching Tools)

  • Category Page — Here is where all your posts will collect. By the end of term, we’ll have a wealth of projects to share and refer to.
  • Websites and Blogs
  • The ol’ fashioned way: Here are some great books full of wonderful projects and images. Several can be found in the library.
    • “A Touch of Code” (Klanton, Ehmann, Hanschke)
    • “Form & Code” (Reas and McWIlliams)
    • Interviews found in “Processing: A handbook for…” (the blue book, Reas & Fry)
    • “Generative Design” (Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Gross, Julia Laub, and Claudius Lazzeroni)
    • “See Yourself Sensing” (Shwartzman)




Electronics Resources:

DC Basics

Microcontrollers — Digital Output & Input

Microcontrollers — Analog Output & Input

Serial Communication (Arduino -> Processing)

  • Tom Igoe’s notes on Serial Communication, from his “Code, Circuits and Construction” blog
  • Tom Igoe’s First and Second Serial tutorial for Arduino, which thoroughly explains the single byte method, the “punctuation” and “handshake” methods.
  • LadyAda tutorial on Serial and Arduino
  • Pgs. 168-75 in “Getting Started with Processing
  • The Arduino Library for Processing, which allows you to control your board right from Processing, using firmware (Firmata–comes bundled with the latest boards)