Look Around You (Blog Entry — TBA)

Locate one project made using Processing (or made using a software tool like OpenFrameworks or Cinder) that are interesting to you. The project may involve other elements (performance, installation, electronics, &c); it does not only have to be a Processing-specific project made for the screen. It can be any kind of Interaction Design Project. Try to select work made by students, groups, teams, small firms or festivals, rather than large companies with millions of dollars backing them. To find projects, you can use the blogs and websites I listed in the Resources section under “Look Around You”, or a book (gasp!) from the library.

Post an entry into our class blog, with the Category “Looking Around” selected. In the post include the following things:

  • 1-2 descriptive, decent resolution images that show what the project is & does, very clearly
  • Names of the creators and date of creation
  • Other technologies used, if applicable
  • If you can find it: The time-frame and context of production (school project? media arts festival?)
  • Your analysis of the project. Do not simply describe it… In 4-5 sentences, say why you chose the project, what speaks to you about it, what is strong and weak about it, in your opinion. You might also choose to write about other projects or historical precursors you have seen, that this reminds you of.


PDF Project Brief


PDF Project Brief

Final Project:

PDF Project Brief

Grading Rubric