Week 06


  • Review Homework, Project 2 progress
  • Review Functions. Functions that “return”. Function overloading.
  • Transformations in Processing: Rotate, Translate, Scale

Due Next Week

  1. Research the time function (hour()minute()second(), etc.). Make a “visual clock”. It is not essential that the time of day be actually readable from it, but your clock should appear different at all times of the day. Perhaps it will look the same at 3:05 every day? If you do decide to make the time literally readable (e.g. by counting graphic elements, etc.), you are not allowed to use conventional Roman/Arabic/Chinese etc. numerals.Try to devise a novel graphic concept, (not just a clock face without numbers!) Reactivity to the cursor is optional. You’ll probably need hour/minute/second, but you’re also welcome to use day(), month() for a larger scale response.



Processing 2D Transformations


7.2 ICM: Modularity with Functions from shiffman on Vimeo.

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