Eyes on the Sky

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Eyes on the Sky – Jed Carter

Processing, PHP script, Photoshop, Indesign

Documented 7 days, from the 29th April to the 5th May 2013. Self-initiated project for Jed’s end-of-year show at Kingston University London – 3rd year Graphic Design.

I chose this project because of its’ simplicity in design and thought provoking take on people’s perception of data consumption. I feel we as a society have distanced ourselves from the interactions that only the subjective self can understand and replaced them with cold, hard data. Data that is processed through invisible algorithms set by someone else’s standards. On a daily basis we lose these opportunities to create our own basic self-understandings of the world. This project brings up an insightful question, and tries to answer it with an even more interesting approach of color as data. A subject that only a living creature could abstract truly complex data from through experience and memory.