Week 03


  • P1: Review refined drawings and Processing outputs.
    Review favorite pattern exercises.
  • Continuously Updating Sketches (Setup/Draw)
  • Basic animation using variables
  • Basic mouse data (position, speed)
  • Time Allowing: Basic Conditional statements.

Due Next Week

  1. Project 1
    Refine, finish and compile Project 1. Using the techniques learned from the book making demo, or any style you wish, complete the last stages of Project 1, as specified in the project brief.
  2. Boundaries
    Design a reaction when the mouse moves over a rectangle and design a different action when the mouse moves over a circle. Use this template as a starting point. The program can be extended to have variable actions when the mouse is pressed and over these shapes as well.
  3. Responsive Face
    Add a response behavior to the face you drew last week. Feel free to continue modifying the face visually. Use information about the mouse position and any additional information you can learn from position (direction, speed, number of clicks, etc.) in order to create an engaging relationship between the mouse and the face. Look ahead at map and lerp for more sophisticated techniques of utilizing mouse data.
  4. Read
    GSwP Chapter 5: Response
    Blue Book: Structure 2, Development 2, Synthesis 2, Control 1, Input 1, 2, 3, Math 1

Setup / Draw flow

3.0 ICM: Flow (setup and draw) from shiffman on Vimeo.

Working with mouseX & mouseY

3.1 ICM: Built-in variables (mouseX,mouseY) from shiffman on Vimeo.


5.1 ICM: If, Else If, Else from shiffman on Vimeo.