Week 02


  • Go over homework hand-in process.
  • Variables: Creating, assigning, using them. Updating variables, Drawing from variables.
  • Repetition, with Loops.
  • Nested “for” loops and patterns.

Due Next Week

  1. Confirm: Make sure you have accepted our class blog invitation. Let us know if you haven’t received an email.
    Create engaging/unique compositions using a nested for loop. Create one composition for each of the following visual elements: Lines, Ellipses/Arcs, Quads/Rects, A custom shape. Total, you should have 4 compositions (processing sketches) completed and dropped in your class folder. For inspiration, you could research 1970′s Geometric Abstraction and “Op Art”.
  3. FACE
    Using Processing, draw a face with at least 10 visual elements to it. Use variables when possible, to make your face adjustable. Consider using loops for repetitive elements like texture, hair or whatever else you can imagine. Experiment with at least two colors. What kind of face will you make? Cartoonish? Realistic? Abstract and geometric? Accidental?
  4. P1
    See Project Brief for this weeks corresponding assignments.
    Additional suggestions: Based on our conversations in class, consider carefully what sort of changes or refinements you might like to make to your drawing instructions. Can you alter the drawing so that the results are more randomized? Or more consistent? Did you find that you adding another tool or method could make it more interesting? Are your conditions to your liking? Might you want to introduce a stopping condition or case, or several “setup” conditions? This will be our last iteration through the drawing instructions so consider this carefully.
    Additional Suggestions: For the processing component, consider that next week we’ll be learning even more new material that you can add to this part of the assignment. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on Conditional Statements (if/else) and the Mouse.
  5. READ
    “Repetition” chapter from Form+Code (optional)
    GSwP: Chapter 4
    Blue Book: Data 1, Math 1, Control 2, Development 1

Other Visual Inspiration:

Ned Khan — Physical “Pixels” of rotating glass. Catches the light and reveals the wind.
Danny Rozin — “Wooden Mirrors”
Victor Vassarely – Geometric Abstraction
Vasa Mihich (paintings) – Geometric Abtraction
Ancient Muslim Tiling systems – Simply Amazing

 Video Tutorials

Daniel Shiffman discusses the difference between “while” and “for” loops. We haven’t really talked about “while” as much. They accomplish a similar thing with different syntax:

6.3 ICM: for loop from shiffman on Vimeo.

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